The People Behind Smile Train

Susannah Schaefer
Executive Vice Chair, President & Chief Executive Officer, Smile Train

Susannah Schaefer is Executive Vice Chair, President & Chief Executive Officer of Smile Train, an international organization focused on empowering local medical professionals to provide free cleft lip and/or palate surgery and comprehensive cleft care to children globally.

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Bill Horan
Chief Operating Officer

Bill joined Smile Train in August of 2012 and oversees Smile Train’s worldwide operational activities, including finance, administration and legal services.  He also directs Smile Train’s planned giving and foundation relations programs.

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Troy Reinhart
Senior Vice President, Global Fundraising and Relations

Troy joined Smile Train in 2001 and currently serves as Senior Vice President, Global Fundraising and Relations. He oversees the organization’s community fundraising efforts, Corporate giving, PR and social media and supports the international fundraising entities.

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Erin Stieber
Senior Vice President, Programs

Erin joined Smile Train in 2013 and serves as Senior Vice President, Programs. She has more than ten years of experience working with cleft lip and palate surgical programs around the world and oversees Smile Train’s programmatic strategy and innovative initiatives in education, training, research and comprehensive care.

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Elyse Taub
Senior Vice President, Development & Marketing

Elyse joined Smile Train's team in May 2011 and currently serves as Senior Vice President, Development & Marketing.

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Dr. Shell Xue
Senior Vice President & Regional Director, North Asia

Dr. Shell Xue joined Smile Train as Chief Project Officer for China in 2006 and currently serves as Senior Vice President and Regional Director, North Asia. She has used her coaching, resources development, and leadership skills to grow Smile Train’s partners from 143 to nearly 400 hospitals in China.

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Mamta Carroll
Vice President & Regional Director, Asia

Mamta is Smile Train’s Vice President & Regional Director, Asia.

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Beatriz Gonzalez
Vice President, Finance

Beatriz joined Smile Train in 2011. In her role as Vice President, Finance, she oversees all fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities for Smile Train Inc. and its international affiliates. 

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Shannon Lambert
Vice President & Regional Director, Americas & Europe

Shannon joined Smile Train in 2013 and currently serves as the Vice President & Regional Director, Americas & Europe, overseeing the organization’s work in Latin America, as well as programs in Europe and the US.

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Shari Mason
Vice President, Communications

Shari joined Smile Train’s team in November 2005 and is currently Vice President, Communications. She is responsible for Smile Train’s global brand identity and global messaging. She oversees the organization’s creative department, video production, copywriting and content curation.

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Dr. Esther Nyambura Njoroge
Vice President & Regional Director, Africa

Dr. Esther joined Smile Train in 2008 as a volunteer and has worked her way up the ranks to Vice President and Regional Director, Africa. During her tenure, the programs have grown scale, spanning 38 countries with 254+ partner hospitals and reaching over 116,000 patients, increasing access while improving safety and quality. 

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Pamela Sheeran
Vice President, Comprehensive Cleft Care

Pamela joined Smile Train in 2007 and is currently overseeing Smile Train’s global efforts to enable comprehensive cleft care for Smile Train patients.

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Janet Blackwood
Senior Director, Grants Management

Janet joined Smile Train in 2006 and currently serves as Senior Director, Grants Management.  She oversees a team responsible for high quality grantmaking operations and integration across departments, as well as Smile Train’s global programs information system for partners and staff.

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Priya Desai
Senior Director, Medical Programs

Priya joined Smile Train in 2011 and serves as Senior Director, Medical Programs. She has more than eight years of experience working with Smile Train’s Medical Advisory Board to expand, leverage, and promote Smile Train’s global programmatic work by empowering local cleft care providers with support, guidance, and oversight to ensure safe, high quality, sustainable cleft programs.

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Rich Confrey
Senior Director, Development

Rich joined Smile Train in December 2013 and is the Senior Director, Development. He and his team work closely with individuals and family foundations in the US., Europe, and Latin America to assist donors in realizing their philanthropic goals.

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Adina Lescher
Senior Director, Community Fundraising

Adina joined Smile Train in 2008 and is currently overseeing the organization’s efforts to empower community groups and individuals throughout the U.S. to raise both funds and awareness for Smile Train’s programs.

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Justin McCarthy
Senior Director, Development

Justin joined Smile Train in 2014. He leads a national team to engage individual donors, foundations, corporations and community partners to raise money and awareness for Smile Train across the United States.

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Nijha Diggs
Senior Director, Public Relations

Nijha joined Smile Train in 2015 and serves as the Senior Director of Public Relations. She has more than 14 years of experience in Public Relations. Nijha oversees the organization’s global PR initiatives and social media efforts.

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Lori Nilsen
Senior Director, Marketing Technology

Lori joined Smile Train in 2019, serving as the Senior Director of Marketing Technology. She currently manages the Database and Web Development teams, working closely with marketing, content, fundraising, development and other internal departments. Lori’s focus is on evolving and optimizing the organization’s efforts to drive continuous innovation of its technology stack to support exponential business growth and allow Smile Train to create a bigger impact globally.

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The Board Of Directors

Susannah Schaefer, Executive Vice Chair, President & Chief Executive Officer, Smile Train

Robert T. Bell, Finance Chair, Charles B. Wang Community Health Center, Inc.

Ed Goren, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Goren Media Group

Arthur J. McCarthy, Alternate Governor, New York Islanders

Roy E. Reichbach, CEO, Phenix Real-Time Solutions, Inc.

Richard A. Ruderman, President & CEO, Krieger Ruderman & Co., LLC

The Medical Advisory Board: Commitment To Patient Safety

The World's Most Respected Cleft Medical Professionals. The Smile Train Medical Advisory Board is comprised of the best and the brightest cleft experts in the world, from maxillofacial surgeons to anesthesiologists to speech pathologists. Led by world-renowned cleft surgeon, Dr. Larry Hollier, Jr., M.D. (Professor of Plastic Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine, and Chief, Plastic Surgery Service, Texas Children’s Hospital) this board sets the standards for safety and quality for every Smile Train partner and program.

Larry Hollier Jr., MD, FACS

Professor of Plastic Surgery
Baylor College of Medicine
Texas Children’s Hospital

Ian Jackson, MD, DSc(Hon)FRCS, FACS, FRACS(Hon)

Chairman Emeritus
Emeritus Craniofacial Surgeon
Ian Jackson Craniofacial & Cleft Palate Clinic
Beaumont Health System

Shi Bing, MD

Vice President
West China Stomatology Hospital of Sichuan University

Alvaro Figueroa, DDS, MS

Rush Craniofacial Center
Rush University Medical Center

Eric Hubli, MD, FACS, FAAP, FICS

Medical Director of Craniofacial & Cleft Services
Cook Children's Medical Center

Ethylin Wang Jabs, MD

Vice Chairman
Department of Genetics & Genome Sciences
Mount Sinai Medical Center

E. Heidi Jerome, MD

Associate Professor of Anesthesiology & Pediatrics
Department of Anesthesia
Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

Randy Sherman, MD, FACS

Director, Division of Plastic Surgery
Vice Chair, Plastic Surgery in the Department of Surgery

S. Anthony Wolfe, MD

Chief of Plastic Surgery
Miami Children's Hospital

Karoon Agrawal, MD

Department of Burns, Plastic & Maxillofacial Surgery
Safdarjung Hospital & VMMC

Faye Evans, MD

Senior Associate in Perioperative Anesthesia
Boston Children’s Hospital
Assistant Professor in Anaesthesia
Harvard Medical School

Richard Hopper, MD

Division Chief for Craniofacial & Plastic Surgery; Surgical Director Craniofacial Center
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Professor in Surgery
University of Washington

Catherine Crowley, J.D., Ph.D.,CCC-SLP, ASHA-F

Professor of Practice and Director of the Bilingual Extension Institute
Teachers College Columbia University

Peter Mossey, B.D.S., Ph.D., F.D.S., R.C.S.

Professor of Craniofacial Development and Associate Dean for Internationalisation
University of Dundee Dental School

UK Staff

Ian Vallance, Director, Fundraising UK

Sarah Curtis, Manager, Direct Marketing UK

Maria Dumitrescu-Gherman, Manager, Development UK

Nooranna Sikder, Manager, Corporate Partnerships UK

Jonathan Roberts, Manager, Community & Events Fundraising UK

US Staff

Emily Zoller, Senior Manager, Grants Management

Caitlin Banga, Senior Manager, Community Fundraising

Ewa Rumprecht, Director, Technology Projects

Deb Silver, Senior Manager, Special Events

Taina Monsanto, Director, Finance

David Riordan, Director, Development

Sarah Castro, Director, Development

Ellyn Harris, Director, Corporate Partnerships

Brandon Lawson, Senior Manager, Marketing Content

Kristina Kelkenberg, Senior Manager, Team Empower

Robert Casey, Manager, Back End Web Development

Emily McAuliffe, Director, Direct Marketing

Michael Horowitz, Senior Manager, Digital Fundraising

Ryan Puglia, Accountant

Ewa D'Silva, Senior Manager, Programs Monitoring and Evaluation

Henry Yeager, Senior Video Producer

Jake Tolan, Manager, Direct Marketing

Juan Mendoza, Manager, Accounting

Julie Bengis, Senior Associate, Team Empower

Karen DiBartolomeo, Manager, Finance

Jacqueline Baca, Manager, Development & Community Fundraising

Merritt Rinard, Manager, Development & Community Fundraising

Ashley Ochs, In-House Counsel

Jennifer Alvarado, Office Manager, Operations

Eric Rosenheim-Patton, Director, Grants Management

Brianne Gallo, Manager, Corporate Partnerships

Melissa Merkel-Dallaryan, Manager, Corporate Partnership Business Development

Wendrich Montero, Graphic Designer

Krysta Mochi, Associate, Community Fundraising

Julian Lattimore, Associate, Programs

Sarah Ingle, Associate, Communications

Rich Chiriboga, Project Manager, Web Development

Nina Kiernan, Director, Human Resources

Sarah Hamilton, Communications Associate, Programs

Brian Rentas, Email Marketing and Automation Specialist

Daniel Carlisto, Associate, Donor Database

Camryn Pearson, Front End Developer

Margaret Ruiz, Associate, Grants Management

Matthew Goldberg, Donor Relations Associate

Nick McGann, Development Manager

Derek Kwait, Copywriter

Fernando Valencia, Associate Video Producer

Katelyn Rogozinski, Development Manager

Antonina Morari, Accountant

Grace Peters, Associate, Programs

Ariana Gould, Community Fundraising Manager

Taylor Nischan, Development Manager, Midwest

Michelle Lin, Accountant

Hilda Melendez, Director, Donor Database

Africa Staff

Nkeiruka Obi, Program Director, West & Central Africa

Jane Ngige, Program Director, East Africa

Victoria Awazie, Program Manager, West Africa

Sesnie Zemichael, Program Manager, East Africa

Yvonne Kavuo, Program Manager, DR Congo

Joseph Kariuki, Program Assistant, Africa

Nicole Bouba, Program Manager, CEMAC

Sibusisiwe Yona, Program Manager, Southern Africa

Becket Gbede, Program Manager, Francophone West Africa

Vidal Mahundla, Program Assistant, Southern Africa

Omnia Tawfeek, Program Manager, Egypt

Emily Manjeru, PR & Communications Manager, Africa

Deborah Bora Zawadi, Program Assistant, DR Congo

Nina Capo-Chichi, Program Assistant, Francophone West Africa

Preciosa Bento, Program Assistant, Southern Africa

Americas Staff

Mónica Domínguez, Area Director, Mexico, Central America, & Caribbean

Mariane Manfredini Goes, Area Director, South America

Dianne Erquiaga, Program Director, South America

Andrea Anaya, Program Manager, Central America

Camila Ferreira, Program Manager, Brazil

Silvia Backes, Program Manager, South America

Monica Elizondo, Program Manager, Mexico

Olga Kudamanova, Program Manager, Americas & Europe

Asia Staff

Dzung T. Nguyen, Area Director, South East Asia

Kimmy Coseteng-Flaviano, Area Director, South East Asia

Deasy Larasati, Country Manager, Indonesia

Ruth Advencya Monalisa, Program Director, Indonesia

Dr. Zin Ko Aung, Program Manager, Myanmar

Renu Mehta, Area Director, Strategic Projects, South Asia

Leela Imam, Program Director, India

Anjali Katoch, Senior Director, Communications & Business Development India

Neeraj Bali, Director, Communications & Fundraising, India

Sheila Koyyana, Program Manager, India

Ravi Kumar, Manager, Finance, Accounts, & Administration India

Tess Fajardo, Manager, Administration, Philippines

Felix Grimares, Program Manager, Philippines

Sanjoy Kumar Chakraborty, Office Assistant, India

Gomathi P, Helpline Officer, India

Hossne Ara, Program Manager, Bangladesh

Ingrid Astri Leonlike, Administrative Officer, Indonesia

Germany Staff

Kerstin Diegel, Director, Development Germany

North Asia Staff

Robert He, Country Director, China

UAE Staff

Afaf Meky, Manager, Development UAE