Brian Lewis

San Diego, CA

I am a long time resident of San Diego, Married and Father of 3 beautiful girls. One in college, 1 in high school, and 1 in middle school. I own and run a successful Real Estate company and also am acting President of a successful Real Estate Investment LLC.

My Involvement with Smile Train and the Journey to become an IRONMAN began in January 2015 when my good friend and fellow Ambassador, Jeff Krebs, asked me if I was interested in doing a full IRONMAN. It didn’t take much to convince me as I had been doing Sprint, Olympic, and 70.3 distances, but up until that point I felt quite content that 70.3 was “my distance.” I knew I had the burning desire to go the full distance but didn’t think I had the time or the mindset to do a full 140.6 miles. I had also previously done most of my racing for a cause and new that if I was to do anything big that it wouldn’t just be about me but about changing other people’s lives while I went through the process of changing mine. I made the decision almost immediately and it has changed my life forever. All my concerns disappeared and here is why:

Smile Train has the cure! Smile Train isn’t funding research or looking for cures, it is the cure! The fundraising you do through Smile Train provides immediate tangible relief and support to children suffering with untreated cleft which causes complications with breathing, eating and speaking. The fundraising you do will change lives instantly and forever!

Team EMPOWER has the support: fundraising, training, mental and nutrition support through the ambassadors, coaching plan, staff and fellow athletes. This incredible team is the reason why I continue to race and be involved with Smile Train; they truly have a passion for your success.