Carol Carruth


I grew up in a small country town in Massachusetts and received my degree in Political Science at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Following college I joined the Air Force and worked in the Medical Corp. at DM-AFB in Tucson while working for and obtaining my Masters Degree in Management from Troy State University.  Following a successful career in the medical field with the USAF and Air National Guard I joined the Tucson Police Department where I currently serve as a Detective.

I have been an athlete my entire life as my parents will confirm that I was born with wheels instead of legs. I honestly do not remember any part of my youth when I did not roll around on some sort of device such as my big wheel, rolling horse, tricycle, banana seat bike, mountain bike or road bike. I played tennis for my college and air force team, played soccer for Tucson Women's Soccer League, raced mountain bikes, raced duathlons and triathlon. I had always wanted to do an IRONMAN, but knew the training would be a huge time commitment. But, I wasn't getting any younger and I knew that I had to put my dream to the test and luckily I had received the great gift to know and work with Ambassador Scott Kadous who introduced me to Smile Train Team EMPOWER. 

I knew that if I was putting in all the time and work to complete an IRONMAN while helping make a huge difference by raising money for surgeries to heal children with cleft lip, then I would definitely cross that finish line. It helped give me a greater purpose and motivation that I needed to focus and get the job done. It is an incredible feeling knowing that I have helped provide surgeries to these children and improved their lives that will be forever changed. In my mind what these children face, on any given day, is such a bigger challenge than me crossing that finish line. Such strength, hope and courage is easily found in their eyes.

Lastly, Smile Train and their awesome team and partnering with coaching and nutrition experts were an intricate part of my training success in providing guidance and support that helped me cross the IRONMAN Arizona finish line in 2016 and helped to create an EPIC moment in my life that I will never forget and always cherish.