Gift Aid FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on the Gift Aid letter or email you may have received

Why have I received this email/letter?

According to our records you have previously signed a Gift Aid form for Smile Train. We are checking the details at the time of signing were correct and if you are happy with the email/letter we have sent you. You don’t even need to contact us and we will update our records to confirm you have received this email/letter. This is acceptable to HMRC. However, if any details in the email/letter are incorrect please do let us know by emailing

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a government tax scheme, administered by the HM Revenue and Customs Department (HMRC), which enables charities to reclaim the basic rate tax you the donor has paid as a taxpayer – an extra 25p for every £1 of the total paid. That’s why anyone signing up to Gift Aid must be a UK taxpayer or maybe have paid Capital Gains Tax.

Who is eligible to give Smile Train permission to claim Gift Aid?

Everyone is welcome to give donations to Smile Train and, as a charity, Smile Train relies on support from a wide range of sources including donations, grants, and legacies to carry out our life changing work. However, only individual UK taxpayers can fill in the Gift Aid declaration forms, which enable us to claim the tax back from the Government.

What is a Gift Aid declaration form?

This is confirmation from you the UK taxpayer that you give Smile Train permission to reclaim the tax you have paid through Income Tax or Capital Gains tax. But you must have paid enough tax to do this, so for every £1 you donate we will claim £0.25p. Therefore, you must have paid in each tax year which runs from 6 April to the 5 April enough tax for us and every charity to claim Gift Aid back from HMRC.

If you pay tax at the higher rate you can claim further tax relief on your self-assessment tax form. Further information is available on the HMRC website ‘Giving to charities for individuals’ or from your local tax office.

I am no longer a taxpayer

That's fine, we are aware that circumstances change over the years. Please email us at to let us know your change in circumstances. Please include your full name and either your supporter number (included in your email/letter) or postcode to identify you on our system. Please also do include confirmation that you were a taxpayer on the dates shown in your email/letter in your response.

You have sent this to my partner who has now died

Please accept our sincere condolences and apologies for any upset caused by this email/letter. Please email so that we can update our records appropriately. Please include the full Name of your partner and postcode and we will update our records. If you would like to continue to hear from Smile Train, please also let us know.

My Partner is the Taxpayer

It is really important to let us know who is the UK tax payer, as they must also be the donor or share the donation with you in order for Smile Train to be able to claim back tax. Please email us at to let us know this so we can amend our records.

I want to stop giving Gift Aid

Please contact to confirm that you wish to close your Gift Aid Declaration. In order to close this declaration, we will require your full name and either a supporter number (included at the top of your letter) or postcode to identify you on our system. Please also include confirmation that you were a taxpayer on the dates shown in your email/letter in your response. Thank you for previously Gift Aiding - we appreciate that circumstances change and if you find yourself able to Gift Aid again in the future please contact us.

I have moved from the address on your files

That's fine we are able to update your address on our records. If you could confirm that the address shown in the email/letter was a previous residence and that you were a taxpayer on the dates shown in the email that would be most appreciated. Please email and provide your full name and either a supporter number or postcode, to identify you on our system, and your new address.

The email said I only had 30 days to respond but it's now longer than that.

That’s no problem. HMRC set the time limit, but of course we can amend your Gift Aid status at any time. If you are happy to confirm the details in the email/letter then you do not need to contact us. If not see how to cancel a gift aid above.

How do I contact you regarding the email?

In line with official guidance on the Coronavirus we are now running at much reduced capacity within the office. You can contact us about Gift Aid by emailing Alternatively you can leave a message for us on 0300 303 9630. We will continue to pick up messages remotely so please leave us a brief message including your name, supporter number if known (or postcode) along with an email address or phone number, and we will respond as soon as possible.

Why are you asking when I started paying tax and what is that date quoted in the letter?

Your Gift Aid Declaration is currently not valid for Smile Train UK to use against any donations you make to us, not just for any future donations you may make, but for donations you have already made. The date shown in your letter is the earliest donation date we have that your Gift Aid Declaration covers, and Gift Aid is at risk of having to be repaid unless we can confirm you were a UK taxpayer at least from that date. Remember if all the details in the letter are correct you do not need to contact us.