Dr. Brown’s Medical and Smile Train partnered to provide essential nutritional support to families whose babies faced malnutrition and had difficulty feeding due to their cleft lip and/or palate.

Through the partnership, Dr. Brown’s Medical and Smile Train are both committed to improving the overall health of children born with clefts.

Cause Marketing

Dr. Brown’s Medical is donating a portion of sale of each Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding System to help provide support for cleft repair surgeries. The company will communicate its support to the consumers by co-branding their packaging with Smile Train’s logo. 

Product Donation

Dr. Brown’s Medical is donating Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding Systems, including cleft bottles and bottle brushes, to New Mexico Cleft Palate Center, a Smile Train partner in New Mexico that services Native American communities. The donation enables Dr. Brown’s Medical to extend their reach, educate new audiences and provide much needed support to communities in need.

While Smile Train mainly provides support for cleft programs around the world, the cleft treatment needs and challenges faced by the Native American population within the U.S. are very similar to the realities seen around the world.



By combining our strengths and expertise, Smile Train and Dr. Brown’s Medical are providing essential nutritional support to families who have difficulty feeding their children due to their clefts. Together, we are working to ensure that all children born with clefts have the nourishment they need to get the best start in life.