Educate your classmates about clefts and organise a Students for Smile Train event at your school.

Students for Smile Train unites students from around the world behind a common goal: to help change the lives of children living with clefts around the world. The Students for Smile Train community organizes and participates in a wide array of fundraising efforts and educational events.

Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, or administrator, we welcome you to join us!

Share your fundraising experience with friends and family, and know that your hard work is bringing smiles to children around the world.

School Fundraising Ideas

World Smile Day®

The message of the World Smile Day® is ‘Do an act of kindness. Help one person smile.’ One cleft repair surgery can cost as little as £150, that is why in the lead up to and on World Smile Day®, Friday 6 October we are asking schools to help bring smiles to children around the world.

Take a look at the fundraising ideas below and fundraising items under materials and resources to help make your school day extra special!

Whichever fundraising activity you decide to choose, we can offer each class a Smile Train Certificate of Appreciation.



Bake a Smile

Either bake together as a class or challenge your students to find a way to incorporate smiles into their favourite (healthy!) baked goods. Students can vote on their favourite recipes/smiles. Ask students to share what their smile means to them. How would their lives be different if they were not able to smile?

How to Fundraise

Set up a table outside the dining room and sell treats in return for a suggested donation.



Wear a Smile

Smile Train has provided training and funding to empower local doctors in 85+ developing countries. Arrange a ‘dress up’ day at your school. Each year group could choose a country to support, dress up in the country’s traditional outfits or the country’s flag colours. Create a competition between the year groups to win the best dressed country. Make sure to take photos and post the pictures via social media on our Facebook page or Twitter.

How to Fundraise

Ask each student to donate £2 to dress up for the day. An international mufti day!



Pennies for Smiles

Your pennies can change a child’s life forever! It can cost just £150 to fund a life-changing cleft surgery for a child in a developing country. Challenge your students to bring in their spare change and to ask their family and friends to donate any change they have. Whether there is a class goal or the aim is to simply collect as much change as possible and help fund a certain amount of surgeries, this is a fundraiser that everyone can participate in!

How to Fundraise

As a class, decide when the fundraiser will take place, if there will be a fundraising goal and how you will promote this. Smile Train can provide helpful fundraising materials.



Paint a Smile

As a class or individual, choose your favourite picture of a celebrity or iconic figure who is smiling. Copy the image in your own style incorporating Smile Train colours. Display the images as a gallery in your classroom and ask your Head Teacher to choose three winners — post the images via social media on our Facebook page or Twitter. You can even contact your local newspaper to see if they would include an article!

How to Fundraise

Ask each student to donate £2 to enter the competition. Up the ante by inviting a local artist to choose a winner.



More Information
If you have any questions or special requests, please contact the community team at [email protected].



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