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World Smile Day®

540 babies around the world are born with a cleft each day. This World Smile Day®, Friday 2 October, Smile Train is determined to ensure that each of them will receive the lifesaving cleft treatment they need. But to do that, we need you.

With cleft treatment costing as little as £150, our goal is to raise enough funds to provide 540 babies with the opportunity for a healthy, full life.



Clefts are a serious health condition with potentially life-threatening complications such as difficulty eating, breathing, hearing, and speaking. In fact, though cleft treatment can cost as little as £150, 75% of babies with clefts will not live to see age 10* because their families simply do not have that much money.

That's why they need you. Click the button below to donate or fundraise for Smile Train to help us make this a World Smile Day® these families will never forget, one where we all come together to save their babies' lives.


Fundraise on World Smile Day®

You can multiply your impact by planning your own fundraising event! We’ll even send you a digital fundraising pack, including tips and advice that will help you raise the vital funds the 540 babies born with a cleft on World Smile Day® — and every day — need to receive lifesaving treatment.


*Mossey, 2012: "[W]ith modern surgery and support the survival rate [for children with clefts] at age 15–19 were 98.5%, but with no care this is only 7.3%."