Catherine Crowley, J.D., Ph.D.

Catherine Crowley is a Professor of Practice​ and Director of the Bilingual Extension Institute at Teachers College Columbia University.
Dr. Crowley brings an international focus to her cleft palate speech support work. She has developed the Cleft Palate Speech Training Project which provides workshops for parents and colleagues who work with children with repaired cleft palates. She has developed videos in Spanish and English for parents and professionals on strategies to address cleft palate speech. In addition, she and her graduate students have created a series of children’s books in Spanish and Mandarin that are distributed freely to provide parents and professionals with engaging therapy materials to address specific consonant sounds most affected by cleft palate.
Dr. Crowley has led speech professional capacity building efforts at Smile Train partner hospitals in Africa and the Americas. She has also been an advisor and contributor on the English version of the Smile Train Speech App designed to engage cleft patients and speech providers in developing countries.