Sources of Support

All parents want their children to develop a positive self-image, to be liked and make friends, to do well in school and to mature into well-adjusted, productive adults. Parents of children with clefts share these same hopes and dreams, but they often wonder whether their child's cleft may keep them from reaching these goals. The goal for them as parents is to work with specialists to create acceptable facial structures and function in speech and hearing. It is essential that these children receive support from their families and friends to ensure that their self-esteem and confidence develop as they should.
Many resources exist for emotional support of people with cleft lip/palate and their parents. In addition to these online resources, you may find support through CLEFTLINE, a toll-free number for information about cleft lip/palate. They can be reached at 1-800-24-CLEFT (1-800-242-5338) or 919-933-9044.


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