180+ Partner Doctors Attend 6th S.T.A.R.S. Flagship Medical Conference

10 September 2015 | Smile Train

Smile Train hosted the 6th Smile Train Anesthesiologists and Reconstructive Surgeons (STARS) Conference in Chennai, India from September 3-6. The conference, held at The Leela Palace Hotel, provided surgeons and anesthesiologists from Smile Train partner hospitals across South Asia the opportunity to meet and discuss the latest trends, discoveries and practices in the field of cleft lip and palate surgery.

More than 180 Smile Train partner doctors were in attendance. For the introductory speech, Charles B. Wang, Founder and Chairman, Smile Train said, "Collectively we are more experienced in all aspects of cleft surgery than any gathering of medical professionals, anywhere, at any time in the world. This conference is a phenomenal opportunity to share your experiences, learn from one another, and return as more informed cleft professionals."

The theme of STARS 2015 was ‘Getting Better,’ a plea to the entire cleft medical community to challenge each other to strive for only the safest and most effective cleft surgeries.

"Please remember that while you present academic papers, challenge conventional wisdom and get into impassioned discussions over the next two and a half days, all of this is for the children affected by clefts. They are the reason for our existence, and we are committed to give them the same opportunity to live productive lives as children born without clefts."

- Charles B. Wang

The keynote speech was delivered by plastic surgeon Dr. Robert Mann. The doctor’s new innovative approach to cleft palate repair generated a tremendous amount of discussion and interest. Over three days speakers covered a range of topics, including: cleft lip surgery technique, nasal reconstruction, medical supply chain management, pediatric best practices and new pharmaceutical breakthroughs.

Dr. Larry Hollier and Dr. Heidi Jerome, members of Smile Train’s global Medical Advisory Board also attended the conference.