Dubai Duty Free

10 September 2015 | Smile Train

Smile Train has provided more than 36,000 free, high-quality cleft repair surgeries in the Philippines since inception by working with more than 85 active partner surgeons and 80 active Smile Train partner hospitals.

Smile Train’s growth in the Philippines would not have been possible without the generous support of our dedicated corporate partner – Dubai Duty Free.

Since teaming up with Smile Train in 2008, Dubai Duty Free has directly provided more than 4,175 cleft repair surgeries to children in the Philippines.

This year, Dubai Duty Free will help Smile Train extend its footprint to reach even more children suffering with unrepaired clefts by providing funding for new medical equipment to perform surgeries in Negros, the third-largest island in the Philippines.

Prior to this initiative, Smile Train has never had an established partner in Negros, but with Dubai Duty Free’s support, our Smile Train team will provide 275 free cleft repair surgeries on the island this year alone.

Smile Train is so grateful to Dubai Duty Free for their dedication and passion for helping children with clefts. Together, we are changing the world one smile at a time.