Elizabeth Henstridge and Zachary Abel Visit Local Smile Train Partners

10 October 2016 | Smile Train

Smile Train Mexico hosted actors and Smile Train supporters Elizabeth Henstridge and Zachary Abel as they got to see the organisation’s local programmes in action.

On Elizabeth and Zachary's first day in Mexico, the two hurried from the airport and travelled to San Bartolo to meet Triana Flores, an infant born with a cleft lip who was having her free Smile Train surgery the very next day. Right away, Elizabeth said that she was impressed with the support that local Smile Train staff provided for each patient. Elizabeth remarked, “They are there for the families every step of the way and work to strengthen communities to bring acceptance and empowerment for children born with cleft.”

Elizabeth Henstridge and Zachary Abel with Smile Train patient

Bright and early the next day, Elizabeth and Zachary met with Triana at Smile Train partner hospital Centro de Atencion Integral de Labio y Paladar Hendido A.C. (CAILPH) before she left for cleft surgery. Elizabeth and Zachary even suited up in scrubs so they could watch Dr. Rodrigo Morales perform Triana’s cleft lip surgery firsthand.

Elizabeth Henstridge and Zachary Abel in scrubs

Zachary and Elizabeth's favourite moment was when Triana was returned to her mother after she received her new smile. "I have been lucky enough to see, firsthand, the incredible work of Smile Train. I have seen the relief and joy in a mother's eyes when she sees her baby after cleft surgery, knowing that this surgery has been done by the best and has saved her child's life,” said Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Henstridge and Zachary Abel in the operating room

The last stop on Elizabeth and Zachary’s Smile Train journey was to visit Smile Train partner Maria Carmen Pamplona at her 2016 Speech Camp. While at the camp, former cleft patients showed off their language skills to Zachary and Elizabeth by singing songs, making speeches, and sharing their smiles. 

Elizabeth Henstridge and Zachary Abel at a speech therapy camp

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