‘It Starts with a Smile’ Spotlight: Dr. Brown’s® Medical

14 August 2019 | Smile Train

Our patients’ journey to living a full, healthy, and productive life starts with a smile. Our model of supporting comprehensive cleft care programmes year-round allows our local partners to provide comprehensive services for patients in need, such as nutrition programmes, dental and orthodontic care, speech therapy, and social and emotional support. This gives the patients we support the best possible outcomes. We honour our partners who make this critical care possible.

Health and nutrition-focused baby product manufacturer Dr. Brown’s® Medical and Smile Train partnered in 2017 with the goal of providing essential nutritional support to families whose babies face malnutrition and difficulty in feeding due to their cleft lips and/or palates.

One of the company’s specialty products, Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding System, is specifically designed for babies who are unable to create a seal during feeding, which is common in babies with cleft lip and palate or other craniofacial anomalies. The system allows infants to use their tongues and jaws to deliver fluid and reduces the intake of air (which creates a false feeling of fullness and can cause vomiting) so they can feed efficiently and take in critical nutrients.

Dr. Brown’s® Medical donates a portion of the sale of each Dr. Brown’s Specialty Feeding System to Smile Train and has contributed more than 1,500 units directly to Smile Train programmes around the world.

Dr Browns Medical Bottles used by cleft patients

Pamela Sheeran, Vice President, Comprehensive Cleft Care, Smile Train, said, “Smile Train patients often experience challenges feeding because of their cleft. This puts them at serious risk of being malnourished and, as a result, delayed to receive life-changing Smile Train-supported cleft surgery. We’ve received positive reports from our staff in the field that Dr. Brown’s donated Specialty Feeding Systems are having great results overcoming these challenges and are popular with our patient’s parents. We are so thankful for Dr. Brown’s support.”

In addition to the generous donations, Sandra Aubuchon, President of Dr. Brown’s® Medical, has personally provided nutritional training at a Smile Train partner serving Native American communities in New Mexico. Ms. Aubuchon said of the partnership, “It is the perfect fit. We have a shared passion for helping all babies receive the care they need. We’re excited to help children with clefts through our Specialty Feeding System for years to come.”

If you would like to join Dr. Brown’s Medical in helping to support nutrition programmes and give forever smiles to children living with untreated clefts, donate today. You can also visit our Corporate Partnerships page to learn how to get more involved.