Jeff Gardner Power Of A Smile

8 December 2015 | Smile Train


Patient and Partner stories from Smile Train's work around the world.

What does the “Power of a Smile” mean to you?
A smile is very powerful. A smile conveys inner strength and happiness. A smile can bring joy to anyone who is giving or receiving it. A smile can opens doors and conversations into other people’s worlds–I think my wife first liked me for my smile.

If you could give one piece of advice to a child with cleft what would it be?
Never give up hope. Keep the faith that one day soon you will be able to have life-changing surgery.

What first inspired you to support Smile Train?
Once I learned that a cleft lip and palate could be repaired with a relatively simple surgery, and that Smile Train attends to the cleft children’s emotional and physical needs– I knew that a donation would be immensely rewarding for me. What better gift is there than to give the chance to provide life-changing surgery and follow-up care for a child and his or her family?

What was it about Smile Train that stood out to you from other charities?
The structure and goal of the organization for providing not only the surgery but the necessary support and care leading up to and after the surgery. The goals of the 3-dimensional virtual surgery simulator programme exemplify Smile Train’s goals for education and teaching.

Why do you take advantage of your employer’s matching gift programme?
I was so excited when I learned that my pharmaceutical company had a matching gift programme. I knew that company match contributions to Smile Train would be a great way to double my impact to help children.

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