Monica’s Inner Strength Shows in Her Smile

24 June 2020 | Smile Train

Flor was living in her mother’s house with her husband, Diego, and their two children when she learnt she was pregnant with her third child. She had already had several ultrasounds and expected another healthy birth, so when the doctors rushed her new baby away before Flor could even see her because of something they called a “cleft,” she was beside herself. A full hour passed before she was at last allowed to hold her new daughter, who they named Monica.

“It was so unexpected,” Flor recalled. “A terrible shock. I’d never seen a cleft before and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to feed her and the doctors didn’t explain. They told me to use a syringe, but it didn’t work. Monica cried with hunger day and night.”

Monica smiling

Luckily, Flor’s sister taught orthodontics at a university in nearby Bogotá. She referred her eight-day-old niece to a doctor who gave her a brace that allowed her to bottle-feed without choking. A short while later, Flor signed Monica up for a surgery from a mission-based cleft organisation that happened to be in Colombia at the time. Though the whole family was grateful Monica was able to get the surgery she needed, it was clear to them that she would still need additional surgeries, speech therapy, and orthodontics. But the doctors who had cared for her were already long gone.

Monica’s doctor then recommended FISULAB, a centre in Bogotá that offers comprehensive cleft care of all kinds, all for free, thanks to their partnership with Smile Train. “Tell me where it is, and I’ll go!” Flor said.

Monica and her mom, Flor

Because FISULAB is based near where Monica lives, they were able to provide her with the follow-up surgeries she needed as she needed them, in addition to continuing speech therapy and psychological and emotional counselling.

Monica in her school uniform

When Monica was about 10, her family moved out of Flor’s mother’s home into government housing in Quinchinchirá, outside Bogotá. They were settling in and saving money for needed renovations when Diego was stabbed and killed. Though Monica had already been receiving psychosocial counselling from FISULAB before this tragedy, the FISULAB staff’s unyielding care during this time became an absolutely indispensable part of her healing process.

“I like going to FISULAB because everyone there is very nice to me and I feel like they’re doing their best to help me and the other children,” she said.

Monica writing

FISULAB further helped Monica when she was threatened by a classmate, which was especially traumatic after her father’s murder. “The people at FISULAB helped me to work it out and now I feel confident to go to school again.”

Monica holding a picture of herself before surgery

Today, FISULAB has helped Monica channel her grief and live positively. She’s grown into a hard-working, responsible young woman who looks after her mother. At school, she helps her teacher keep order as the class supervisor. She also loves learning English, studying with her two best friends, and playing basketball, and wants to be a gym teacher when she grows up.

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