Perspectives from the Frontline: Nurse Sadiya's Purpose

17 June 2020 | Smile Train

Sadiya, a nurse who cares for patients with clefts at a Smile Train partner hospital in Ethiopia, shares her perspectives on the challenges she and her colleagues face, and what they need to lead in their communities. 

My name is Sadiya Nesro, and I am a nurse by profession. I have worked as a nurse for many years, and I have had so many experiences.

I was inspired to become a nurse by a close relative of mine. When I was in elementary school, she was the person I looked up to. She was humble and generous, and her source of happiness was in caring for others. She was very committed to her work. When I started high school, I realised that helping those who are sick was the greatest thing I could do for people.

Child supported by Smile Train

The nursing profession is really crucial in providing care to the most vulnerable people. Children with clefts are at the forefront of this much-needed nursing care, particularly regarding feeding and pre- and post-op care. Patients also need nurses in order to express their feelings and get psychological support.

My greatest pride is seeing patients cured, recovered, and restored from the health challenges they’ve had, and knowing that they benefited from the things I was able to offer them. I know that we human beings are supposed to look after each other. We are here to serve. Therefore, giving compassionate, caring, and respectful service is the essential function of my job. There is nothing greater than this purpose and I am very proud that this is my daily duty. It gives me joy and contentment.

Child who received cleft surgery supported by Smile Train

The greatest challenge my colleagues and I face each day is the absence of materials and regular on-the-job capacity-building activities to help us cope with the demands and stress of the job. The profession I am in truly requires the existence of systems and tools to facilitate my work and ensure that it is not tiresome and exhausting. Thank you for all the good Smile Train has done to ease my burden.

To serve others, we also must take care of ourselves. My daily life is mainly consumed by my duties at the hospital; but I spend some time reading to continuously learn. I also exercise and enjoy quality time with my parents. Even though my job is full of ups and downs, with many people needing my help and many people need psychological support, I try to always have time for my personal and family activities.

As long as there are those who are sick, nurses will be needed. It’s also important to remember nurses are human too. They need to be supported. They need to have their burdens eased in every way possible to make their work effective and pleasant.

Sadiya at work

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