Satish Kalra: 16 Years of Smiles

29 June 2016 | Smile Train

Satish Kalra joined Smile Train’s team in 2000 and has never looked back. Under his steadfast and compassionate leadership, Satish has helped grow Smile Train’s programmes from the ground up to more than 210 partner hospitals in Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. 

Satish has been working tirelessly for the last 16 years to change the face of the world.  More than 528,000 cleft children in South Asia have received free cleft surgery during this time. And more than 1,000,000 children have received not only new smiles, but also the opportunity for new lives, under his watch.

Satish is so many things to so many people. He is a trailblazer. He is a masterful storyteller. He is unwavering with his passionate convictions. He is a powerful force. He is dedicated. And he is the true definition of a Smile Maker.

It is with much love and gratitude that the entire Smile Train global family wishes Satish well as he moves forward to enjoy the next chapter in his life. We know the years ahead will bring him continued happiness and, of course, countless beautiful smiles.

Below, Satish's friends and colleagues Dr. Hirji S. Adenwalla and Mamta Carroll share their appreciation for his years of dedication to Smile Train.


For me it is very hard to think of Smile Train without Satish Kalra. The two, the organisation and the man are synonymous. I remember the day when he entered my old consulting room and introduced himself and asked me if I could tell him something about clefts. He sat down pad in hand and as the patients filed in I told him all that I could about clefts. The next time I met him he spoke to me on equal terms as one cleft surgeon to another. From this I got the measure of this man's mind and I said to myself that this man's opinions on men and matters is to be respected.

In these 16 odd years that we have worked together for a cause we both loved he gave everything he had to this organisation. He knew every surgeon by name and he knew the strengths and weaknesses of every department under his wing. Help whenever asked for, advice without interference.

I have had many differences with Satish on many occasions. He always had the magnanimity to see the other man’s point of view and on several occasions he convinced me that I was in the wrong.

He brought his wide experience from the corporate world, where he had held very seniors positions, to the management of one of the greatest charities in the world, and everything he did with precision and style. I must say that Smile Train will not be the same without this remarkable man. I am honored to call him my friend.

H.S. Adenwalla.
Emeritus Prof. of Surgery,
Head of Dept. of Plastic surgery and Charles Pinto Centre

Satish with Mamta and team
Left to right: Mamta Carroll, Dr. Ashish Sabharwal, Satish, Renu Mehta


Mr. Kalra, his wisdom, leadership, work and his inimitable style are what we admire. It is he who has created Smile Train here in India, and it is he who has brought us to it and nurtured us to grow and be where we are today. Everyone, the team, doctors, donors, the global management, Indian government, beneficiaries, all admire, love and respect this one man, who is so much to so many people. It has been an incredible and unique journey Sir, under your leadership.

Tussi great ho. Assi twada damaag khande ravvange, hamesha. Paripauna!

Mamta Carroll
Vice President and Regional Director, South Asia
Smile Train