Tricia Gets Everyone Dancing for Smiles

11 May 2017 | Smile Train


This past March, local Leeds resident Tricia Robinson coordinated two performances of her original show The Good, The Bad, and The Very Ugly at the Castleford Phoenix Theatre to raise funds for children living with untreated clefts.

The idea came to Tricia after her great-nephew was born with a cleft lip. She learned that a cleft was much more than just cosmetic — it often impacts the ability to eat, breathe, and speak properly and can cause children to be bullied. After Tricia’s great-nephew received his surgery through the NHS, she was inspired to help children around the world still suffering with untreated clefts.

Tricia, who has been running a dance school, Dancetec, for the past 20 years, enlisted the help of her students and her daughter, Alyx, to star in the production. In addition to developing the script, choreographing the dances, and producing the show, Tricia also lent her venerable talents as the lead role.

The show was a hit, and all the profits raised were donated directly to Smile Train — enough to help transform the lives of more than 10 children and their families across the globe. Smile Train’s Manager of Community and Events Fundraising UK Hannah Weston commented, “Through her incredible talent, work ethic, and passion for helping children, Tricia put on two performances that friends, family, and the local community will remember for years to come. We are honoured and so thankful for Tricia’s support.”

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help children with untreated clefts, please visit our Get Involved section. Your support can help a child receive their new smile and a second chance at life.