TruRating Helps Bring Christmas Smiles to Children in Need

1 March 2021 | Smile Train

TruRating knows the value of doing good. As one of the world’s leading solutions allowing consumers to provide feedback in-store and online, they know the power every person has to raise their voice to create lasting change. They also know the power of giving back. That’s why every time TruRating asks a question at the point of payment, it triggers a charitable donation. And given their corporate emphasis on transparency, efficacy, and the world-changing potential of every individual and every action, it’s no surprise they enthusiastically support Smile Train.

The relationship started when a Smile Train UK employee told TruRating about the organisation’s unique model. Instead of flying in foreign doctors on one or two week “missions” to perform cleft surgeries in historically underserved communities, Smile Train empowers local healthcare workers around the world with the tools and training they need to provide world-class cleft care right in their own backyards 365 days a year, seven days a week. Since our founding in 1999, this sustainable solution has provided superior care to more than 1.5 million patients — more than every other charity combined — while improving entire regional healthcare systems in the process.

Two TruRating employees pose by their Christmas trees dressed as Santa to raise funds for Smile Train

The team at TruRating was so impressed by Smile Train’s model, and so moved by stories of our patients, that they chose to go the extra mile in their support — literally. For Christmas 2018, the TruRating UK team dressed up in Santa suits and ran a 5k around London to raise funds for Smile Train as part of the city’s yearly Santa Run.

TruRating employee Denis with his arms around his two sons; all are dressed as Santa to raise funds for Smile Train

Determined to beat the quarantine blues, they laced up to do it again in 2020 — except this time, of course, the location changed from London to employees’ neighbourhoods, and the company from thousands of strangers to their families.

TruRating employee Ed and his family pose for a picture dressed as Santa to raise funds for Smile Train

“We are privileged to have had the opportunity to help children in need and hope that they now smile brighter and live long, happy lives,” said Georgina Nelson, TruRating’s Founder and CEO.

A toddler dressed as Santa for TruRating's fundraiser for Smile Train

In truth, the privilege is all ours. Thank you, TruRating for showing children around the world that Santa is indeed real and can be counted on to give them what they want the most: a healthy new smile and the opportunity to thrive.